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Reputation Managemnet

Simply put, managing your reputation isn't what it use to be. Not long ago a reputation was built or damaged by word of mouth by people bringing your company up in coversations. Back then, in many cases, it took a long time to build a reputation, good or bad. Oh how times have changed!

In today's world, with the internet and more specifically, social media, a reputation can be severly damaged by 1 irate and irrational customer. What's more, and perhaps even more frightening, someone who was never a customer of yours, could simply post a fake negative review about your company. This isn't some sort of rare occurrence, this is happening all the time, it's happening right at this moment to someone!

The good news is, managing your reputation has never been easier! We can do whatever it takes to get your reputation where you need it to be. Whether you need to build a reputation due to being a new startup company or you need to rebuild your reputation because you've been attacked, we can help. We are top notch at monitoring your online reputation. Our staff constantly monitors the various rating and review websites, and when bad news comes your way, we quickly remedy it.

There are several methods and options to manage your online reputation, but the key is to do it quickly. Once someone attacks your reputation on social media or a rating/review website, someone has to take action immediately. Otherwise this damaging content can spread, even becoming viral.

Our approach is simple, find the bad stuff out there on social media and/or rating and review websites and using various tactics bury it so it's hard for others to find. We then work to promote positive reviews and ratings on various rating and review websites, as well as social media. How we do this effectively is complex, but what we're doing is simple. We bury the bad stuff and promote the good stuff.